Fan gets epic Cleveland Indians themed poem for Mother’s Day

Sandy with her husband, Jeremy, their two kids and her in-laws.

Sandy, an Indians fan all the way down in Florida, was gifted a week-long Mother’s Day gift. Her kids and hubby Jeremy called it “Seven days of mommy.”

On Day 6, Jeremy got creative and combined their love of the Indians and his rhyming ability for an awesome and original Mother’s Day gift.

Jeremy crafted and Indians poem complete with current and former Indians, with an iPhone payoff at the end.

Other gifts along with this genius poem included: a handmade card from her kids, a reusable water bottle to bring to the gym, lunch from the kids and dinner from Panera Bread, a cookie jar (no word on if it was Carlos Carrasco themed); roses, and a note + brunch.

In addition to making superb reading lyrics, Sandy and her family travel up to Cleveland every summer to catch as many Indians games as they can. They also try their best to see the team at visiting stadiums.

Sandy’s father-in-law has been a huge fan of the Indians for a long time. The root of this comes from the Jacksonville Suns being a farm team for the organization starting in the early 60s.

From there, he would watch the players grow up and follow their careers as they made their move to the majors.

When the Suns left the organization, her father-in-law and husband would watch the Indians play in spring training when it was held in Florida. When Sandy started dating Jeremy, she would tag along and the love for the team grew from there.

Sandy and the fam made their annual trip last year and have their tickets and hotel booked to come back for a visit in July.

TribeVibe contributor Dan Armelli

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