Boras On Market For Dallas Keuchel

Agent Scott Boras discussed the ongoing free agency of veteran lefty Dallas Keuchel today in an interview with MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM (audio via Twitter). Keuchel is not expected to sign until after midnight on June 2nd, after which time he will be free of draft compensation.

It has emerged lately that Keuchel has thrown multiple simulated games, both to prepare himself for a quick reentry to the majors and to offer an opportunity for interested teams to get a look. Boras suggests there has been no shortage of interest from pro scouts. As he put it, “we had so many scouts show up we had to open up the hot dog stand.”

When they weren’t lined up for ballpark delicacies courtesy of the Boras Corporation, the scouts were taking a hard look at a 31-year-old hurler who worked 204 2/3 innings of 3.74 ERA ball last year but hasn’t pitched competitively in 2019. The indication has been that Keuchel will be willing to ink a one-year deal, but he’s understandably interested in a premium salary.

Boras didn’t give up any details, but he certainly left the sense that he’s not concerned with his client’s market positioning after giving such extensive live looks to scouts. “Dallas is going to certainly have a level of interest and demand,” says Boras. The outspoken agent didn’t miss an opportunity to shred the qualifying offer system. The fact that Keuchel is still on the open market, he says, “just shows you how teams value draft picks … they’re worth a lot of money.”

from MLB Trade Rumors

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